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  • Sophia Ehrlich

1 Don't & 2 Dos to Master Content Marketing for Your Business's Social Media Accounts So You Can Get Ahead

Want to achieve, finally, NOT be behind in content creation for social media? Then, stop creating individual social posts.

Why? I tell my clients that social media is a hungry black hole. It always wants to eat more and is never satisfied. The best way to burn yourself out is to create post after post, exhaust yourself, give up, and take a month's break- only to start again.

It's not aiding you, your business, or the moment needed for organic content marketing to take off.

I made this same mistake when I first began working on clients' social media accounts.

I started with creating individual pieces of content- and each piece of content took so much time! I would fall behind, feel horrible, and work all night playing catch-up. I had a good strategy for my clients. But, I created each post from scratch with as much effort into each post as possible. I wasn't seeing the results I wanted for my clients. I had just started and already felt burned out. I was thinking of quitting being a social media manager and solopreneur.

Which is why I want to share this with you.

You need to do two things: long-form content creation and brand templates.

If I could go back in time, I would focus on either helping my clients, or creating for them, long-form content. (HINT: I use atomic essays I learned in Ship 30 for 30 Starry Sky Social's long-form content). With brand templates, you always have a consistent place to begin your socials.

Once you have the long-term content, say this blog post you can create:

• a carousel post

• a quote post

• I can take the carousel post and turn it into several short-form videos.

With consistent social media post brand templates, you just add the content. Then, schedule the posts, and you're done.

Feeding the black hole of content marketing can be exhausting OR simplify content creation to be easier to consistently accomplish. Strategic ease that gets you the results you want for your business is my goal for you.

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