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  • Sophia Ehrlich

3 Simple Questions Every Business Owner Needs to Ask to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

It's 2024, and the best time to review your social media marketing strategy for your business.

But where do you start? I like to ask myself these three questions for any social media marketing strategy. I sit down and review the content and social platform with an open mind as if I were my ideal audience. This brainstorm will help you see what you are missing. It will complete a strategy that will make you irresistible.

Creating a marketing strategy can feel overwhelming- but it doesn't have to be.

I keep it simple. I ask myself these three questions to plan out and see what's doing well, what's missing, and if I am fooling myself.

Question 1: Why Would Someone Buy From You Based on Your Marketing?

Look through your marketing, look at your data, and ask yourself why would you buy from you.

Does your content offer helpful advice, making your audience want to learn more from you? Do you show off the successes of your clients and make your audience see that this is where you can go? This question is asking for all the positive aspects of your strategy. You want to carry these aspects forward into the new year.

Once you find your successes, write them down.

Question 2: Why Would Someone Not Buy From You?

This is where we do the opposite of the first question and look for all the reasons why you would NOT buy from us.

Are there places you could answer questions? Do you not explain your businesses why? This question is the most helpful.

If you struggle, ask a friend to help you review and brainstorm these answers.

Question 3: Do You Follow The Guideposts For Social Media?

Now it's time to ask yourself the tough questions about your posts.

Are you utilizing every feature on a social media platform? Do you ignore one part of the platform to focus on another? Do you even want to try spending money on paid ads to get you further down the line?

In 2024, use all the ways social media platforms offer to connect with your audience.

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to ask any questions about your social media strategy.

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