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  • Sophia Ehrlich

How Crocheting is Helping Me Overcome Doom Scrolling While Watching TV

You sit down and scroll through Netflix and BOOM- a new season of your favorite tv show is out now.

You begin watching, and then suddenly (without thinking), you reach for your phone. It's just a quick scroll, but now you're not really paying attention! UGH. Or is that just me?

I have recently taken up crocheting and found that is stopping my doom scrolling by replacing it with a new habit.

Crocheting keeps the hands busy so the mind can listen.

Crocheting replaces the need to have something in my hands -doing something- while I watch television.

It's replacing the habit of doom-scrolling while the television is going. While complex crochet patterns may take more brain power, I am 12 granny squares into a project, and it's pretty mindless (And FUN) at this point.

Now, some productivity guru, especially on X, is probably thinking, "I am productive 100% of the time, and even in my rest, I read to improve my brain."

If that works for you, then great.

For now, I will enjoy relaxing at night with a TV, crocheting, and staying off of my phone.

One granny square at a time.

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